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    I am a developer of web applications and desktop systems. Currently I am an employee of Sprint SA  ( which deals with the development of desktop applications that can assist planning training rescue at sea ( C++ QT)

    Previously i worked in 4studio Ltd. ( an interactive agency  where I worked as a PHP programmer .I've managed to start  using technologies like ASP and ASP.NET MVC while working there.

    My first job  related with the programming was at the Customs House in Olsztyn, where I was responsible for the maintenance of existing software. In this goverment intitution i've started my adventure with C# and. NET framework as a professionalist.

   Above all I'm interested in programming using high level languages such as C # and QT (c + +).  My software  often touch different types of communication protocols, and popular web services (REST, SOAP, XML-RPC). I'm an advanced PHP programmer (in particular the Zend Framework). My passion is programming in C + + using QT. Thanks to QT I had an oportunity to discover programming on platforms  such as Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile (CE) and various versions of Symbian. Currently I'm creating different types of applications on my Nokia N8 using all of its benefits (GPS, accelerometer and other sensors):).

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